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What immediately impressed me was the implementation speed of the POP System.
We wanted a flexible, out-of-the-box solution that was fast to deploy across multiple markets without costly Go-Lives.
Populating master data and configuring the system is easy. Each market was essentially up and running in a week. Very efficient.
IT Business Partner & Innovation Director, Multinational FMCG Company
Take control of your data.

POP Database is your central repository for all your master data, transactional data and photos. Whether you want to amend, upload or download data, you always have access
to your data. So, yep, you're in control.

Create user, POP and product profiles by creating the attributes that matter to you. It's fully flexible.

Manage user data, and group users into teams and business units

Manage user accounts and freely increase/decrease user licenses as and when needed

Manage POP data and group your points-of-purchase by sales channel, grade, geography, etc.

Manage your product data and group your products in your own categories, subcategories, brands, pack size and more
Specify which products are must-have SKUs for any of the POP groups you have defined and which SKUs should be included in audit forms and order forms
Create as many users, POPs and products as you want. The POP System can handle huge volumes of data.
Define the Perfect POP and set standards and targets for the metrics you track
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