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We use POP Share as our knowledge portal. I control who gets to see which materials. People mainly access the content via their mobile devices.
It takes away the paperwork, the merchandising booklets and so on. Now the whole team is always up to date. And everyone always has everything they need literally at their fingertips.
Learning & Development Director, Personal Care Company
Share. Access anywhere.

POP Share offers a simple way to centrally manage your company's documents and grant specific people access to those materials that are relevant to them.

Your library in the cloud. Upload all materials that your teams need in the field to your cloud-based library. It’s a great place to store your slide decks, TV commercials, training materials, merchandising guidelines, planograms, installation instructions for displays and other POP materials, videos and more.

Forget paperwork. No one has to remember what materials to bring along each day. No more lugging around with heavy bags because everything is digital - and environmentally friendly.
Keep your IP safe. Protect your intellectual property by tightly managing user access. Link documents with user groups so only the right people have access to the right documents.
POP-specific. Link documents to
POP groups so that when people enter a particular POP, they can immediately see all relevant documents.
Impress Customers. As everyone always has access to the latest and greatest materials, your teams will make a professional and organised impression on your customers.
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