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We were the last-minute reporting squad, mostly making reports for use in meetings.
Now with POP Monitor, most of our reporting is automated and Web-based.
Our focus shifted to 'data driven action'.
We find opportunities for improvement and instruct the field teams how to seize them. And they love us, because we're helping many achieve their targets!
Analyst, Consumer Health Company
Measure, analyse and improve.

With POP Monitor you can track your sales, merchandising and promotion execution in near real-time:

Productivity Monitor shows you where your people are, how many calls they make, how much time they spend at the POP versus on the street so you can manage and optimise performance.
Order Monitor immediately lets you view all orders you have received, amend them if necessary and process them either within the POP System, your ERP system or other solution.
Task Monitor allows you to track task completion and quality of execution, enabling you to take corrective action and improve compliance.
Photo Browser lets you quickly find that photo of a specific promotional display or new product launch you're looking for - even if you have millions of images.
Customised KPI Monitors let you analyse any performance indicators you yourself create (e.g. product availability and assortment compliance) against predefined standards and targets.

The monitors are simple to use and make your frontline intelligence easily accessible. Designed to be used by everyone (and not just analysts), your people will finally have a reporting tool they want to use and quickly understand how to use.

Featuring powerful filters, the monitors allow you to slice and dice your data by geography, customer, product group or any other combination of attributes
you have defined.

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