Win where it matters most:
at the point-of-purchase (POP).

You know what to do:

Ensure consistent availablity of the right products at the right points-of-purchase
Ensure your promotions get executed as planned
Ensure your products are correctly priced and more enticingly merchandised than those of your competitors
Ensure your sales reps seize as many sales opportunities as possible

Easily said. Hard to achieve.

Especially if you operate in the highly fragmented and fast-changing retail environments of emerging markets. Then you really have your work cut out for you.

The more complex the retail environment, the more crucial your ability to execute.

That is why we built POP System 6,
a cloud-based point-of-purchase execution solution designed to enhance your sales and merchandising teams' ability to execute and win where it matters most: at the POP!

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Optimise your productivity.
We strongly believe that competitive advantage comes from flawless, efficient and effective in-store execution.
After implementing the POP System we managed to significantly improve the productivity of our field sales teams by optimising both efficiency and effectiveness.
Customer Development Director, Multinational Food Company
One system, six great tools.

The POP System consists of six interconnected tools to help you manage master data, set objectives, determine service levels, define and plan activities, build territories and optimise routes,

Click on the logos below to view the features of each tool:

execute tasks and promotions, take orders, complete audits, track productivity, monitor and analyse performance, connect your people, have group chats, send instant messages, share documents and more...

Database Plan Execute Monitor Connect Share


What's awesome about the POP System is that we've got everything from planning to real-time reporting all in one package!
Finally an IT system that we want to use and actually understand how to use.
Sales Director, Multinational Food Company
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Field sales force automation
as you haven't experienced it before.

Call it an oxymoron but the POP System
is designed to be comprehensive yet uncharacteristically easy to use. For people in the field as well as in the office.

As software only benefits your organisation if it gets well adopted and used, we keep things simple and frustration-free:

Configurable rather than customisable to meet your needs. No IT staff required.
Refreshingly fast. Get up and running in hours - not months. Oh yes!
Comprehensive but not overwhelming. All the functionality you need in a single solution that's a breeze to use.
Effortlessly scalable. Works for small teams as well as huge organisations with thousands of users - whether you operate in a single country or in many all across the globe.
Pure SaaS. Forget about expensive, complex infrastructure and software. The POP System runs in the cloud. Simply log in and use. We take care of the rest.
Value through simplicity.

That's our promise to you. It's what sets us apart from others and the way we deliver return on investment for our clients.

Over the years, we've witnessed our clients achieve amazing results after implementing the POP System. We consistently see productivity improvement as clients increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their field sales teams.

Optimise your efficiency

Execute more POP visits with the same number of people
Increase POP coverage
Vastly improve speed of execution and issue resolution
Radically increase speed of information:
- Real-time order processing
-   Instant dissemination of instructions, tasks and objectives to entire field team
-   Real-time reporting and automatically generated notifications
Food Company
POP Visits 53%

After implementing the POP System, our client quickly found that many of its reps were only working "part-time". Taken aback by this discovery, the company hurried to improve the efficiency of its sales team. With great success!


By optimising routes within existing territories and by tracking visits through GPS-based check-ins each time when reps arrived at a POP, our client managed to increase the total number of POP visits by more than 50% whilst reducing the total number of reps it employed by almost 20%.

Efficiency improvement is the low-hanging fruit that will help you realise quick return on investment. The next step-change is enhancing your teams' effectiveness.
Pharmaceutical Company
Sales Volume 508%

One year after launching a Perfect POP program, our client realised an astonishing
5-fold increase in sales volume!


The company first optimised distribution by covering 40% more POPs. Then they improved the quality of their distribution by focusing on product position and visibility, promotion compliance, availability of educational materials and medical detailing. The POP System enabled them to plan and execute the program, monitor compliance and take fast corrective action when needed.

Optimise your effectivess
Gain control and transparency through real-time frontline intelligence and take effective, data-driven action
Create laser-like focus on executing high-value point-of-purchase activities
Boost new rep effectiveness to minimise lost sales and missed opportunities
Maximise sales by reducing out-of-stocks and increasing assortment compliance
Significantly improve promotion, merchandising and pricing compliance
Personal Care Company
Sales Value 24%

Whilst implementing an "On-Shelf Availability" initiative in traditional grocery stores, our client discovered that a 3% increase in assortment compliance lead to a 1% increase in sales.


Using the POP System, the company specified exactly which SKUs had to be available in which type of grocery stores and monitored compliance on a daily basis. By "just" ensuring availability of the right SKUs at the right POPs, same POP sales value increased between 11 and 24%.

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Used by some pretty stellar companies.
We're grateful to count some of the world's greatest consumer goods companies amongst our clients. A big thank you to them for putting their trust in us! It's the feedback from users in multinationals like

these, as well as many smaller companies, that propels the continuous enhancement of the POP System. Act today! Join our client community and you'll find yourself in excellent company.

Built on Microsoft cloud technology.

The POP System is one of only two retail execution applications (both developed by our company) that are actively promoted by Microsoft and featured on AppSource, Microsoft's SaaS applications portal for businesses.

Through our Global Independent Software Vendor partnership, we can incorporate the latest Microsoft technologies in our applications and offer you first access to exciting innovations. Plus by hosting our solutions on Microsoft Azure, we are able to offer clients best in class performance, dependability, security as well as scalability.

Watch the video below and see how the POP System can help you ensure product availability, increase operational efficiency and gain insights into your performance:



Backed by 30 years of experience.

At AFS Technologies, we have 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. Much of which we've engineered right into our software solutions. Purpose-built for consumer goods companies, our solutions are deployed across 50 countries by well

over 1,000 companies of all sizes. Visit to discover how our clients use our innovative field force automation, direct store delivery and trade promotion management solutions to drive productivity and profitability.

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